Merilou V. Gonzales

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Merilou V. Gonzales

Communications Coordinator

Merilou is responsible for sharing the Foundation’s work with stakeholders, funding partners, and communities across the U.S, and globally. In her role, Merilou manages the Foundation’s public relations and social media efforts, as well as its convening events and online presence. Merilou brings more than 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Most recently, she led multiple community-focused initiatives at the Greater Milwaukee Committee, including the Talent Dividend to address workforce needs, and the Milwaukee Succeeds initiative to align efforts to improve outcomes for all city students, particularly around postsecondary and career readiness. Previously, she held multiple positions at Public Allies, a national leadership development organization that engages young adults in creating solutions to social and community needs. She holds master’s degrees from Northwestern University and American University, as well as a bachelor’s from DePaul University.


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