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We encourage all people to get involved in making their
communities better by donating time,
talent or treasure to local organizations.
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One person can change the world for the better

Though Bader Philanthropies is staffed by an entire group of professionals, the driving force behind our work stems from the charitable interests of our two funds’ namesakes: Helen Daniels Bader, and Isabel and Alfred Bader.

Bader Philanthropies exists because these individuals care about the issues that shape our communities. It can take just one person to help make the world a better place – and that one person could be you.

Make a difference

If you care about your community and the people who live there, we encourage you to get involved. Connect and converse with like-minded people, give time or money, and work to make the world we live in a little more like the world we wish we lived in.

At Bader Philanthropies, we encourage everyone to join the conversation and help give a voice to programs that align with their passions.


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