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Vital services from vital organizations

Stable, nonprofit organizations are the backbone of strong communities. Bader Philanthropies works with other funders and community partners to create the virtual infrastructure that supports nonprofits and the people who keep them going. We believe it is crucial to prepare agencies to capitalize on good economic times – and weather the downturns when their services become even more crucial

We encourage you to learn more about local nonprofits that are committed to our community and to working with other nonprofits in the area:

  • Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management
    Housed at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Center is the product of a community-wide effort to enhance nonprofit professional development in southeastern Wisconsin. Created in 2000, the Institute conducts research that strengthens the sector and offers degree and non-degree programs to build future and current nonprofit leaders.
  • Marquette Legal Initiative for Nonprofit Corporations
    A program of Marquette University Law School, M-LINC provides legal advice and referrals to greater Milwaukee nonprofits. It can help with a range of common issues, such as human resources, real estate and governance.
  • Nonprofit Management Fund
    Providing capacity-building support to local nonprofits since 1994, the Fund has helped more than 1,500 agencies across greater Milwaukee to “do more.” By connecting nonprofits with qualified consultants, they have helped to ensure that agencies can thrive and continue to serve their constituents.
  • Wisconsin Nonprofits Association
    A membership group that provides training and networking for the state’s nonprofits, as well as public policy education on issues affecting the sector.


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