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Working with our peers in the spirit of philanthropy

While our nonprofit grant partners and other foundations play a central role in our mission, we also we reach out to a broad range of stakeholders to help us reach our goals.

  • Public-Private Partnerships: When public-sector entities team up with private-sector partners, new solutions emerge. Sharing ideas at the state, federal and local levels enables all of us to challenge one another and make our efforts more effective.
  • Impact Investors: Investors outside of Bader Philanthropies are vital to meeting the objectives of our Program Related Investments (PRIs). While grants primarily seek a social outcome, PRIs strive for both social and financial returns – what we call a “double bottom line.” We welcome the help of institutional investors and other philanthropies who want to learn more about our successes with PRIs or who want to get involved.
  • Engaged Individuals: We know there are individuals and families who share our commitment to educating and engaging children, building a strong workforce and encouraging healthy, creative aging. Whether through serving on boards, joining public discussions or making personal gifts, we encourage you to join us in sharing ideas and help make them a reality.


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