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Partnerships add value to our work

It’s true that one grant can make a major difference. But, it is just one step in the process. That’s why Bader Philanthropies seeks to partner with our grant recipients beyond the financial support we offer. By building networks centered around the work of our partners, we turn our grants into momentum.

We welcome collaboration and we invest in ideas, but we know they can only be realized by dedicated individuals and the organizations that support them. To that end, the Foundation makes investments in capacity building for current partners to help them become more effective at reaching individuals in our focus areas.

Strong networks of nonprofits open up opportunities to connect with one another, build consensus and help everyone reach the next level. Along with grant making, we work hard to help create these networks among our grantees and partners.

For donors who believe in the organizations’ work and those who seek help from them, the bottom line is results. Can they do what they say they will? We believe in helping our grantees and partners demonstrate that goals were met, and strategies are in place to meet or exceed them, again and again.


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