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Broad issues, immediate needs

A strong community needs to provide opportunities for individuals to gather, learn, and share. Just as importantly, it needs dedicated, creative people to drive those efforts and ensure they serve a vital purpose. For two decades, Bader Philanthropies has worked to make Milwaukee a better place to live for all residents, through wide-ranging efforts such as the ones listed below.

Nonprofit Management

Strong communities rely on nonprofit organizations to serve, inspire and connect citizens while enhancing everyone’s quality of life. Since 2000, Bader Philanthropies efforts to build a nonprofit management infrastructure has included needs such as education, capacity building, skill development and research. With a focus on Wisconsin, and in particular greater Milwaukee, the nonprofit management infrastructure has strengthened the work already being done through our key program areas.

Directed Grants

Through Directed Grants, the Foundation addresses issues identified by members of the Bader family, such as programs for adults with disabilities,schools that provide a Waldorf education, and other vital needs – even if the program or initiative falls outside the Foundation’s key program areas.

Over the years, the Foundation has offered assistance to a range of organizations, including those working with adults with disabilities and the Waldorf approach to education. We have built strong relationships with other community groups through our Directed Grants program. Often, our involvement with them has helped inform our other interests on critical needs such as mental health, childhood trauma, substance abuse, and homelessness.

Although we welcome inquiries, Directed Grants funding is limited. Proposals must first be solicited by a member of Bader Philanthropies staff.


Community Initiatives

Over the past two decades, our Community Initiatives grants have helped us join community-wide conversations about issues that matter, but that do not neatly fall under one of our key program areas. Through this program, Bader Philanthropies is able to lend critical support to issues including education, infant health, low-income legal services, and more. Often, these additional challenges directly impact the well-being of the same families that our primary funding efforts aim to reach.


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