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Engage and inspire families

What is the value of a Jewish education? For each family, it is a highly personal answer. Bader Philanthropies seeks to ensure that MIlwaukee-area families can make educational decisions based on their spiritual and educational values.

The Need: Day schools make lifelong success possible

While finances are a major consideration, a child’s education is one of the most important long-term investments a family can make. Our goal is to make a day school education accessible to as many families as possible. We do that by investing in scholarships, educators and facilities to make sure the schools remain a viable option now and well into the future.

Our Approach: Keep Jewish education within reach

We have long worked to ensure that Milwaukee’s day schools remain innovative, engaging and thriving schools of choice. Each school year, the Helen Bader Scholarship Fund provides $500,000 to help families attend the area’s day schools. Since 1992, we have committed more than $7.5 million to help thousands of families through day school scholarships. But the best is yet to come.

To forge a lasting legacy in Jewish education, we have committed $10 million over the span of a decade to create a permanent endowment for awarding scholarships and keeping the day schools within reach. As the largest fiscal commitment in our history, the endowment will be a lasting legacy to Helen Bader’s belief in Jewish education.

School is wherever learning takes place

We are also helping to link the educational partners that share the North Building of the Karl Campus in Milwaukee’s north shore: Hillel Academy, Milwaukee Jewish Day School, and Jewish Beginnings Lubavitch Preschool.

While the shared quarters are unique among day schools nationally, these schools operate with independent leadership and finances and their past interaction has been limited. Our new educational partnership is changing that. For instance, opportunities to work on visual art projects that grace common areas will help connect students and staff, and create a sense of co-ownership of the building they share.

Jewish day schools are stronger together

Although they vie for the same potential students and their families, the North Building partners are stronger together. Their more direct competition comes from the nearby public school districts, which offer a top-tier education that is already a part of a household’s significant property taxes.

The North Building partners have stepped away from focusing on day-to-day needs to examine what makes a Jewish education special. They have sought to share a unified message, while still retaining what makes each school unique.

Our Impact: Stable partners for learning

As a mid-size Jewish community, Milwaukee enjoys a healthy variety of cultural, religious, and social service programs that contribute to our quality of life. Critical to that vitality is the ability to sustain a Jewish day school education, which gives children a daily affirmation of the role faith can play in life’s decisions. These stable partnerships also keep families engaged via their children’s curricular and co-curricular pursuits.

Our ultimate commitment is to continue this legacy, which ensures support for Jewish education for generations to come. Together, we are proud to have created a national model that other Jewish communities can emulate.


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