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A New Path Forward

Dear Friends and Partners:

After 25 years and $250 million invested in addressing major social needs, Bader Philanthropies has created strong partnerships to lift individuals and their communities, here in Milwaukee, across Wisconsin and in places across the world.

Since 1992, the Foundation has been an incredible legacy of our late mother’s warm, compassionate spirit, and we are pleased to share with you a new development that will allow us to continue that work well into the future.

In 2015, our family’s philanthropy entered a new chapter. Isabel and Alfred Bader have generously committed to investing in our existing staff and programs to help continue the great work built upon over the past 25 years, which will ensure that our annual giving can grow.

As a result, we formed Bader Philanthropies, Inc., which encompasses two distinct philanthropic funds to reflect the values and interests of their respective namesakes:

The Helen Daniels Bader Fund (HDBF) will continue our late mother’s interest in healthier older adults, as well as her passion for the arts and creativity. HDBF will further healthy aging in Wisconsin, particularly with respect to the impact of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as our efforts to address Alzheimer’s in Israel. In Milwaukee, HDBF will bring community arts to underserved audiences, while the Helen Bader Scholarship Fund will continue to help keep a Jewish day school education in reach for local families.

The Isabel and Alfred Bader Fund (IABF) will continue the many interests of our father and Isabel here in Milwaukee and across the world. IABF will support our Workforce Development and Youth Development program areas, both focused on strengthening low-income Milwaukeeans, and will continue our commitment to Jewish Education in greater Milwaukee. IABF will also encompass issues on a broader scale, including our Community Initiatives and Directed Grants programs.

From a practical standpoint, much of what you know about us will not change. We will continue to accept grant applications under the Bader Philanthropies umbrella, and our staff will continue to work with partners of all types and sizes on sharing ideas, building momentum, and identifying promising funding opportunities.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, we know that we have a great deal more to accomplish in enhancing people’s lives, and we have been blessed with the ability to bring dynamic, dedicated partners together for the greater good.

Thank you for your partnership over the years, and we encourage you to continue to bring us your best ideas for making a lasting difference for people of all backgrounds.


Daniel J. Bader

Director, President/CEO


David M. Bader

Director/Vice President


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