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Fall 2021 Helen Daniels Bader Speaker Series

October 5, 2021

Fall 2021

Helen Daniels Bader Speaker Series Event

The Future of Elderhood: Integrative Aging, Better Health

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

11am – 12pm (CST) | 7pm – 8pm (Israel)

Free Online Event


Drawing from both conventional and complementary medicine, integrative aging helps older adults live well throughout the decades and stages of old age. It begins with the assumption that elderhood should be approached medically in the same ways we approach childhood and adulthood, recognizing that bodies, lives and priorities change as we move through the sub-stages of each major part of life. It also focuses on health and well-being in addition to disease and illness, pays attention to prevention, nutrition, activity, goals and purpose, and recognizes both the benefits and challenges of growing older. To learn more about this event please click here.


About the Speaker

Louise Aronson, MD MFA, is a leading geriatrician, writer, educator, professor of medicine at UCSF and the author of the New York Times bestseller and Pulitzer Prize finalist Elderhood: Redefining Aging, Transforming Medicine, and Reimagining Life. A graduate of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Aronson has received the Gold Professorship in Humanism in Medicine, the California Homecare Physician of the Year award, and the American Geriatrics Society Clinician-Teacher of the Year award.


At UCSF, Louise has served as director of the Pathways to Discovery program, the Northern California Geriatrics Education Center, the Optimizing Aging Project, and as Chief of Geriatrics Education. Her writing credits include the New York Times, Atlantic, Washington Post, Discover, Vox, JAMA, Lancet, and the New England Journal of Medicine, and she has been featured on TODAY, CBS This Morning, NPR’s Fresh Air, Morning Edition, Politico, Kaiser Health News, Tech Nation and the New Yorker. Currently, Dr. Aronson divides her time among patient care, community-based aging innovations, teaching, health advocacy in the media, and writing.