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‘Denmark Connects’ aims to teach technology to older adults

September 2, 2020
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DENMARK (WLUK) — Denmark is launching an initiative to connect older rural adults through the use of technology.

“Denmark Connects” will provide Denmark area residents, ages 60 and older, with electronic devices and training to help them connect to family, friends, neighbors and community activities.

Several community organizations have partnered to show participants how to use devices that they already have, or even loan them devices to use to connect with others. Devices could include smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart home communication technology like the Echo Show.

“Because of COVID-19, we will not be having any face-to-face connections with people,” said Stacie Scheibe, Independent Living Coordinator specializing in technology at Options for Independent Living. “We may either work with people remotely on an individual basis or guide their family/caregivers to assist in learning to use the many exciting devices and tools. Each learner is different, so we’ll work together to see what’s the best fit.”

Participants can learn how to use Facebook, FaceTime, how to attend church services virtually, how to share photos and videos and how to play online games.

The project, which is free to participate, is funded through a grant awarded by Bader Philanthropies, Inc. Internet connection fees will also be paid by Denmark Connects for up to six months.

Registration is limited.

To participate, contact Lori Wagner, Denmark Community Connector with the Neighborhood Partners program of Goodwill NCW, at (920) 863-2738.