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MKE Urban Stables start therapy and community engagement programs: MBJ Podcast #119

July 30, 2021

The MKE Urban Stables project is welcoming in more veterans and youth from the community for a range of therapy programs.

The building, which has been housing horses from the Milwaukee Police Department’s Mounted Patrols since last summer, also has a large community gathering space intended to help residents interact with law enforcement in a non-emergency scenario, said Kent Lovern, chief deputy district attorney for Milwaukee County and president of the MKE Urban Stables board of directors.

That project was developed with support from many in the business community, including Beth Weirick, CEO of Milwaukee Downtown, Business Improvement District No. 21; David Lubar; real estate attorney Bruce Block; and Milwaukee Admirals owner Harris Turer, for example.

Lovern details the project and the positive impact it is hoped to have on multiple groups in Milwaukee on this week’s Milwaukee Business Journal podcast.

Also this week, Business Journal reporter Margaret Naczek details the potential for the Milwaukee Bucks NBA championship to influence development in the city for years to come.