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Scaling Wellness in Milwaukee COVID -19 Resilience Sheets

March 26, 2020

Stay Informed: Information from respected sources helps us stay in control. Limit time on news sources. Share age appropriate information with children.

Stay In Touch: Social Distancing (6ft. Apart) is required to stop the spread of the virus. Connect with family & friends via phone and internet.

Manage Stress: Take deep breaths for a minute. Relaxation exercises Mindfulness Meditations Exercise Have fun!

Keep a Routine: Routine promotes security and stability. Make a daily schedule. Give each family member a role and household responsibilities.

Stay Hopeful: Remember this is temporary. Enjoy time with family. Find something every day to be grateful for.

Access Help if Needed: If you or a loved one is in crisis and needs emotional support: Milwaukee Behavioral Health Crisis Line (414) 257-7222 Text Hopeline 74174

Resilience Sheets 1-7 copy 3