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Welcome to Our Enhanced Website!

March 23, 2020

We are excited to launch our new website which features enhanced functionality and a refreshed “look and feel,” including an aerial view of Milwaukee. The website will be fully visible to all by Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

Most notably, our online portal is fully accessible TODAY. You will be able to now submit new preliminary applications to be considered at our Fall 2020 Board Meeting. The preliminary application deadline is July 2, 2020. Organizations that have submitted requests with us before may notice some changes.

• Returning applicants will need to update their organizational profile. No new information is required, but, we request that you help us reorganize this portion of our database to streamline our selection process.
• New questions have been added to the preliminary application. The Foundation is requesting that applicants provide geographic and demographic information in the initial steps of the application process which will help our program committee to make more informed decisions.
• The full proposal now requires less words. We love reading about the many projects underway which are improving the world, but, there’s only so much that a written proposal can explain. And, we pride ourselves in performing a site visit for every full proposal. Our hope is that you will spend less time on our application process, so, you have more time for your worthy missions helping those in need, while sharing your story with the Foundation and external stakeholders, including other community partners and supporters.
• The full proposal now includes a section for measurement through metric selection. Although we are asking for less words in the full proposal, we want to know how our grantees will measure their success. To that end, the full proposal now contains a section in which you can estimate the outcomes of your project through a menu of metrics.

In refreshing our website, we took advantage of the opportunity to update the names of our program areas to better reflect the work of our Partners.

• Alzheimer’s & Aging is now Alzheimer’s & Healthy Aging;
• Community Engagement is now Neighborhood Engagement;
• Community Initiatives is now Community Matters;
• Milwaukee Education and Jewish Education are now Urban & Jewish Education;
• Milwaukee Arts is now The Arts; and
• Workforce Development is now Employment.

The following program area names will remain the same:

• Alzheimer’s–Israel;
• Program Related Investments;
• Social Equality; and
• Youth Development.

In the coming weeks, we will highlight features of our new website on social media. We invite you to join us on LinkedIn, Facebook (@BaderPhilanthropies), Twitter (@BaderGiving), and Instagram, in order to receive the updates in real time.