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Number of Grants Awarded in Community Matters
1,253 Grants
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52.2 Million+

Photo Credit: The OccuPaws Guide Dog Association

A strong community needs to provide opportunities for individuals to gather, learn, and share. Just as importantly, it needs dedicated, creative people to drive those efforts and ensure they serve a vital purpose. For more than 25 years, Bader Philanthropies has worked to make Milwaukee a better place to live for all residents.

Our partners are committed to addressing our communities’ most critical human needs – offering comfort when unforeseeable circumstances transpire; or giving voice to emerging issues. They are connected at the grassroots level and know exactly how to move from talk to action. Our current Community Matters strategies include:

  • Pressing Issues;
  • The Outward Mindset.

Here are some examples of the metrics we use to measure success in Community Matters:

  • Individuals served;
  • Material resources donated;
  • Mindset change.