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Welcome to Your Bader Philanthropies Online Portal

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Bader Philanthropies welcomes our partners and applicants to our new online application system. The Online Portal is where you can track and manage your requests throughout the process, from preliminary application through progress reports. Among our new features, you can also leave messages to our staff regarding specific requests, as well as request staff consideration of new funding for a previously submitted project.

Learn more about applying for a Grant or a Program Related Investment by selecting from the topics below:

Set Up Your Account

If you have an existing Bader Philanthropies account, enter your email address and password; if you are not successful, please click Forgot Password and you will be sent a temporary password via email within a few minutes. If your email is not recognized, please register as a new user by clicking the New User link.

Register as a New User

When you have your password estabished, return to the Online Portal and log in. Please answer the on-screen questions about your organization. If you are located outside the United States, your organization information will be reviewed by our Program Committee before you can complete an application, as we generally limit international applications to those that have been solicited by our staff. Decisions are typically made within 2-3 weeks and you can expect a response via email.

Review and Complete Your Organization Profile

When you enter your Online Portal, the first step is to review and complete your Organization Profile, which includes basic information, such as:

  • Employer Identification Number (Tax ID);
  • mission statement;
  • board leadership (name and email of at least one board officer);
  • organizational leader (name and email of CEO/president/executive director), as well as indication if he or she has your board’s authorization to be a signatory on the organization’s legal agreements.

Complete Your Request Information

After your Organization Profile is complete, go to your Portal Home Page and click on the New Preliminary Application icon. On the application, you will first verify the Organization information, then you can complete your request, including amount requested, term, and a project description up to 250 words.

Once you review and submit your application, you will receive an on-screen confirmation as well as a confirmation email. Your request will then be reviewed by our Program Committee, and you can expect an email response within 2-3 weeks.

Complete Your Full Proposal

If our Program Committee has an interest in learning more about your request, a Full Proposal will be requested via email, including a deadline that aligns with meetings of the Bader Philanthropies Board. The Full Proposal allows you to input additional request information, as well as required financial and legal information. When complete, click to submit and you will receive an on-screen confirmation, as well as an email message.

Complete Your Grant Agreement and Payment Information

If your request is awarded, congratulations! Our team wants to arrange your electronic grant payment as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of your award, Bader Philanthropies will issue one of two legal requirements: a Grant Agreement that can only be authorized by a board officer (or a designated signatory); or Bader Philanthropies Terms and Conditions, which do not need such authorization. Each legal requirement is attached to our Electronic Payment Authorization (EPA) form, which should be reviewed for each payment.

Complete Your Progress Report

After the grant or Program Related Investment is awarded, we want to hear about the human and organizational impact, as well as accounting for how Bader Philanthropies funds were expended. Progress Reports are typically due one year after a payment is made, and we will send an email reminder to the request’s Primary Contact 2-3 weeks before the due date, so please keep your contact information up to date in the event of staff changes.

In the event that all funds were not expended within the grant term, our staff will request an Unspent Balance Report to account for any remaining funds.

Have we answered all your questions? If not, please call our front desk for assistance: (414) 224-6464. Thank you for your interest in Bader Philanthropies.


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