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Seeking Innovation & Sustainability in Youth-Serving Groups

by Mary Osmundsen, Program Officer, Community Partnerships for Youth

The Sustainability & Impact Project (S&I) is a new effort funded by the Isabel & Alfred Bader Fund, a Bader Philanthropy, that aims to help youth-focused nonprofits build their capacity and long-term stability. Our ultimate goal is to give them the tools so they can continue to inspire Milwaukee youth in a sustainable and socially positive direction.

S&I incorporates the principles of social innovation, the idea that we can find and implement solutions that not only tackle important social problems, but can also provide earned revenue to bolster the organization’s financial planning and long-term sustainability. Social innovation is not new to Milwaukee, but this executive education program is our first effort to champion exciting ideas from partners from our Community Partnerships for Youth program area.

Donors Forum of Wisconsin has partnered with national social innovation champion Jeff Snell Ph.D. on S&I, in an effort to identify promising ideas that can give our youth-serving partners an opportunity to make a better tomorrow an even better reality for struggling city youth.

Strong candidates must demonstrate innovative thinking, and have a commitment to an intensive six-month mentorship effort that can raise their sights and help buttress their mission in our city.


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