Awarded PRIs

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Program Related Investments are about more than money.

Bader Philanthropies has partnered with these organizations through our Program Related Investment fund to help make their big ideas for bettering our communities possible.

Meta House

This PRI loan helped Meta House remain focused on empowering women who are making the courageous choice to break the cycle of addiction.

Wisconsin Preservation Fund, Inc.

A Bader Philanthropies PRI is helping the Fund support community redevelopment efforts in Milwaukee’s struggling neighborhoods.

Generation Growth Capital, Fund II

This PRI equity investment helped Generation Growth Capital, Fund to invest in growth businesses serving Midwest low- and moderate-income communities.

SunStarr Real Estate Group

A Bader Philanthropies PRI helped SunStaff create new affordable housing units for Milwaukee older adults.

Medical College of Wisconsin, Inc.

This PRI equity loan helped MCW Research Foundation expand its ability to translate lab discoveries into ideas for the marketplace.

Forward Community Investments, Inc.

This PRI loan helped FCI expand its loan fund for Wisconsin nonprofits.

St. Marcus Lutheran School

This PRI loan guarantee helped St. Marcus Lutheran Church expand its parental choice school on Milwaukee’s near north side.


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